Friday, 22 January 2016

Life as it currently is.

Hello everyone or anyone who is reading this...first and foremost, here are my deepest apologies for being so unreliable at blogging. I packed my whole life up in suitcases and shipped them alongside about 80 cardboard boxes 9784km away from my home of 21 years. Moving houses is stressful but moving countries entails a kaleidoscope of emotions. Being somewhere completely new is something we all have to undergo in our lives, but something that remains unspoken is a palpable fear at the thought of living in a new country. The last 3 months I've really been able to fall back onto my own two feet after graduating. Moving back to the UK I was able to finally figure out what it was that I wanted to do after graduating. It was a big step but I started applying for postgraduate degrees and realised teaching was truly what I wanted to do.

When you move away from a place of comfort for so long, your life really and truly does turn into a journey full of surprises. Not only did I learn more about myself, I learned that I was capable of more than I thought I was. Being taken out of my comfort zones only sharpened my senses even more and for a while, the idea of a 'routine' was just dismissed from my life entirely. Starting afresh was all about new faces, new places, new challenges, and new habits. I started a new job and I am eternally grateful for the wonderful people I work with because they made settling in that much easier. 

Not only have I been able to experience full-time employment for the first time ever,  I've also managed to pick up some great habits on the way. Experimenting more with yoga, cooking and venturing more towards the weight section of the gym - I have cut cardio out of my gym routine (can you believe it?) I've been able to focus more on myself and most importantly focus more on the present. One of the biggest achievements over the last few months I've been back in the UK is that I have now secured a primary teacher training place at UWE. Most of my friends will already know this but teaching, and working with children has always been a passion of mine. Being able to make the most of the situation I was in, having graduated with a Psychology degree - just knowing that I have the opportunity to train as a teacher and (fingers crossed) qualify as one in the upcoming year are unbelievably wonderful. I also spent my first proper Christmas in the UK, which was full of glorious celebrations, food and vino.  If one things for certain, yes you might feel lost to start off with but I believe everyone needs to be able to find a way to live in the present.  Trying to maximise each day to its best potential across the things that matter most - may it be your family, your partner, your work, your friends or your health...can only make you a happier person.

For anyone who is about to move somewhere new and basically start with a clean slate - realise that your life overseas is going to be different to your life back at home. Stop comparing your present to your past, and just make time for your future. The one thing I realised the most after moving was life is full of situations like this. Granted, my situation may have been on the extreme end of the spectrum however life is full of moments we need to seize by the horns and take control of. They will never be the same, so just allow things to unfold the way they will, start living mindfully each day and enjoy the ride. 

Until next time xx