Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Oddies Foodies: Throwback to being a child again.

Situated in the middle of Wanchai amongst crowds of people and sweltering temperatures is the infamous little takeaway ice-cream shop Oddies Foodies. I discovered this place after hearing about it constantly via the Instagram community and decided that I would go for once and for all. This genius eatery combines the genius concotion of Italian low fat gelato with the much loved traditional Hong Kong eggettes (aka Daan jai). 

What I liked most about the concept of this shop is that as a child I have an unsummable amount of memories of these crispy hot egg waffles I used to get with my mother and brother down the hot, twisty streets of Mong Kok. I remember waiting by these street vendors and watching them spoon this doughy like batter into a iron pan...only to have a hot golden, bubbly sheet handed to me a few minutes later. The contrast between this crispy childhood delicacy and the creamy gelato is absolutely amazing and is such a treat to the taste buds. Luckily enough this creative eatery has a  wide variety of eggettes to choose from and 3 different ice cream + eggette concoctions.

Of all the amazing choices available we chose to get "The Night Wolf." This consisted of Italian low fat gelato with 66% dark chocolate and cookie crumbs, caramelised banana ice cream, passion fruit panna cotta, and crispy hot chocolate brownie eggettes. Looks wise, this concotion was visally stunning. Situated around the vanilla gelato with a matte dark chocolate finish, the finished sheet of eggettes was a lovely golden brown colour and the creaminess of the gelato was perfectly balanced with the sweet banana ice cream. Tastewise, this dessert brought me straight back to my memories of the eggettes I would buy as a little girl.

Luckily enough the shop wasn't too busy when I came with my boyfriend and friends however I've also read that it can get quite busy at times...so be prepared to have a prolonged wait as this is currently the their only store in Hong Kong (unfortunately!). Another precautionary warning for my readers - Oddies Foodies is not open on Mondays as I learnt the first time I attempted to go with a big group of friends. To avoid walking home dissappointed and empty handed make sure you come from Tuesday-Sunday. Until next time!! xx

Address: 149 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Telephone: 9155 5185

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