Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My very own health and fitness journey.

I’ve been thinking lately about the health transition I’ve made since I was about 18 years of age and fresh out of high school till now…a 21 year old graduate, older and all the more wiser. Before I embarked on this journey I didn’t know what being healthy really was. I always believed that if you wanted to feel good, you had to look good… Taken at face value, this involved 18 year old me thinking that you could just follow a ‘diet’ which would help you lose weight quickly and in turn this would give you all the self-confidence you needed. 

It wasn’t until after my first year of university that it really dawned on  me how many health gimmicks  there are which we really need to stop being so susceptible to falling for. Even though deep down we know that there isn’t a single quick fix to help us lose weight and become fit and healthy, we are still prone to trying or purchasing these ridiculously persuasive health gimmicks. From countless detoxes, to diet shakes, to diet snacks – at the end of the day we have to shift away from these and move towards better nourishment and fuel for our bodies.Once I had fulfilled this aspect of my life I started abandoning fast food, alcohol, sweets and chocolate altogether, and this was probably one of the best decisions I have made. After all, as German Philosopher Ludwig Andreas Feurbach said, “man is what he eats.” But bear in mind that treating yourself is great too because lets be honest I do have an occasional treat now and then and a night out with my friends where I have a couple of drinks.Of course, eating healthy is important as many people have heard the saying “30% gym, 70% diet.” 

However, it takes more than just food alone to provide your body with the balanced nourishment required for ideal health. When you start to nourish your body with the adequate amount of exercise you may obtain many different health benefits. I have listed a few that I think were the most prominent changes for me – better sleep, improved physical appearance, elevated mood & reduced stress levels, increased energy levels…but really, the list is endless. I also found that committing myself to a certain amount of exercise was truly rewarding. After a while, I would actually look forward to going for a run or going to the gym just to sweat it out and release some endorphins.

This journey is still ongoing for me – I still strive to find new recipes to experiment with and try new exercises that I’ve never done before. As people may or may not know I love my cardio. I am absolutely head over heels for cardio, may it be jogging, cycling, swimming or sprints. However, I am still trying to incorporate more strength training into my exercise routine as I do really want to join the small but sculpted minority of women who lift.At the end of the day, we all wish that we weren’t so concerned with changing our bodies…but we are. So why not step on the bandwagon and just try to nourish and nurture your body as best you can. With this in mind you must also nourish and nurture your mind as best as you can. Everyone wants to look good, but we all want to feel good too. Do what you like and do what makes you happy, and make sure you are striving to feel good AND look good instead. 


  1. You make some good points my friend, coming from me whose often fiercely opposed to any health opinion that isn't my own (stupid I know), that's saying something (or nothing really) but I just mean I like this post :-)

    1. Thank you chica! I'm glad you liked it - it's been a long journey but I'm finally in a happy place with it all :)